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TRY plant trait database - enhanced coverage and open access

Marine invertebrates metabolism

Developing statistical tools to understand the metabolic rates of marine invertebrates.

Nestedness in biological networks

Exploring methods and patterns of nested ecological networks.

Do low oxygen environments facilitate marine invasions? Relative tolerance of native and invasive species to low oxygen conditions

Estimating monotonic rates from biological data using local linear regression

Nestedness across biological scales

BAAD: a Biomass and Allometry Database for woody plants

Together with 92 other co-authors, we recently published the Biomass And Allometry Database (BAAD) as a data paper in the journal Ecology, combining data from 176 different scientific studies into a single unified database. We built BAAD for several reasons: i. we needed it for our own work ii. we perceived a strong need within the vegetation modelling community for such a database, and iii. because it allowed us to road-test some new methods for building and maintaining a database.